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Becoming Active Maintainers of Fluentd Plugins

We are excited to announce that recently we have become an active maintainer of two Open Source projects – the Fluentd Plugin for Azure Storage and the Fluentd Plugin for Azure EventHubs. At the beginning of this week, we have submitted our first Pull Request to update the Fluentd Plugin for Azure Storage to the latest Azure SDK.

With this initiative, we are not only committing to the Fluentd Open Source community but also investing heavily in several important areas of our strategy.  Those include building advanced technologies to stream and collect data that we can leverage in our managed services as well as build new avenues for workload migration to our key partner’s cloud platform.

Fluentd technology is an integral point of our managed services and products. We use Fluentd for collecting data for our Insights-asS solutions like Fraud Detection and Social Media Listening. We also use Fluentd for log collection as well as collecting application insights data in our product Receipt Recognition API. Going forward we plan to incorporate Fluentd in more managed services and products.

Over the next couple of months, our plan for this two Fluentd plugins include:

  • Maintaining and updating the current code base
  • Regular monthly updates for the plugins that will include fixes and improvements
  • Developing new version of the plugins that will include Azure Resource Manager support


We are also looking to develop new Fluentd plugins that will add support for Azure Data Lake as well as to contribute to other Azure specific Fluentd plugins.

We are looking forward to have an exciting year for Open Source coding 🙂