Deploying and managing private data analytics infrastructure requires time, money and most importantly expertize

IT teams spend several years and millions of dollars to deploy Hadoop, Spark or Storm on premises before they realize that the infrastructure is unusable for business users without the front-end tools integration. In the meantime critical data is collected and incurs storage cost but no insights are gained from it. Not only that but businesses are yet to find the data scientists who can analyze the data that they’ve been sitting on for years.

With our managed Insights-as-a-Service solution you can leverage our long experience, solid knowledge and deep expertise in delivering not only robust analytics infrastructure but also creating data analytics models that satisfy your business needs.

If you are not sure whether Hadoop, Spark or Storm is the right tool for your needs we can provide you with readily available multi-tenant, public cloud infrastructure that you can use as proof-of-concept to do quick data analysis or use on-demand basis. It is the fastest and cheapest way to gain insights from your data.

Once you realize the value of your data and your data analytics needs start growing we can build an infrastructure that is completely dedicated to your business. We can operate such infrastructure in the public cloud or on premise depending on your requirements and specific data needs. We take complete responsibility for migrating and synchronizing your data, securing and managing the infrastructure, creating the analytics models to gain insights from your data and most importantly keeping your costs under control.

If Hadoop ecosystem is not the right one for you we offer you lightweight but highly scalable and fault-tolerant Elastic infrastructure. Using the Elastic ecosystem including Logstash, Kibana and Beats you will be able to collect and quickly analyze data from various sources.

Our managed Insights-as-a-Service services are delivered as complete solutions including data collection layer, analytics layer and front-end layer that allows you to start getting insights from your data immediately and not wait for years. We have flexible choices as virtualized or containerized environments in the public, hybrid or private cloud settings and can deliver them to you in very short amount of time.

How Others are Using Insights-as-a-Service?

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Fraud Detection

If you are a security expert or a business decision maker who wants to reduce the risk of online fraud you  will certainly benefit from our fraud detection managed service. Whether you are a bank, credit card institution or a merchant you need to make sure your online customers are well protected.

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Social Media Listening

If you are marketer of marketing executive you want to know whether your investments in social media marketing are panning out. How much do you know about your friends and followers? Figure out their demographics, interests and preferences using our audience analytics service

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