Data Analytics White Papers

Learn how you can leverage data to gain competitive business advantage

Building Fraud Detection Platform for Online Transactions in the Cloud

The growth of e-commerce does not only drive more revenue for merchants but also increases the risk of fraudulent transactions. Learn how you can develop a robust fraud detection infrastructure that protects your customers and your business


Building Social Media Listening Platform in the Cloud
(in partnership with Social Feels)

Driving your marketing and customer service efforts to success requires constant interactions on social media. Learn how you can build a social listening pipeline in the cloud and drive better engagements using machine learning and stream analytics


Application Development White Papers

Learn how to improve your application development processes using the cloud

Zero Downtime Code Releases Using Blue/Green Deployment Model

Keeping your application up and running all the time requires new processes and advanced use of the available technologies. Learn how you can use the cloud to achieve high availability for your application and conduct zero-downtime code releases


Improving Dev/Test Agility and Governance Using Container Technologies

Improving the time-to-market, reducing the cost of delivery, and governing your CI/CD pipeline are crucial for the success of your enterprise. Learn how you can leverage container technologies to achieve all the benefits



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