5% Off Your Azure Consumption

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This offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Agitare Technologies, Inc. must be appointed as the designated partner of record (DPOR) for your Azure subscription in order the discount to be applied to your consumption amount
  • The discount is applied to the consumption amount for the first three months only
  • The maximum discount paid off is limited to $250.00, which equivalents to $5000.00 of Azure consumption. If the consumption for the first three months is less than $5000.00 then 5% of the consumption amount is paid off as discount
  • The discount is paid off 90 days after the Azure billing date for the last month of consumption
  • Agitare Technologies, Inc. must remain as the DPOR for at least 12 months
  • Single discount per customer
  • Each request is considered individually


Agitare Technologies, Inc. reserves the rights to deny payment of the discount if removed as the DPOR within the first 6 months or request refund if removed as DPOR within the 12 months period.

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